"HIPDET U" believes in providing education to all those who want to learn, we offer affordable tuition prices and the flexibility of either online, campus, or evening classes to ensure you make your education dreams a reality! Apply today and become part of the "HIPDET U" family.


At "HIPDET U" we never believe in the philosophy of "one size fits all" for education. Our students should be given every chance possible to succeed in life.

Therefore, we have developed the "HIPDET U" Concentration Emphasis" which allows students to enroll into their programs and choose between different education emphasis to excel their global perspective in a global economy.

Our programs are unique, "HIPDET U" prides itself with giving more than one avenue to choose in your life. Our degree programs make you a versatile individual in this global economy and innovative curriculum that is collaborative and interdisciplinary intended to guide the learner towards self-actualization.

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"HIPDET U" will be launching a fully virtual university. Our main mission is to make education available and affordable to anyone who has a desire to learn.

Our online degree programs will cost the same no matter your location. Study from the comfort of your home. Enrollment is always open. So, sign up today!


Our pedagogy emphasizes the convergence theory of education, whereby we desgin programs built around the cultural, personal, and self-determined learning which can lead to the acquisition of knowledge. Whether you take a class on campus or online, HIPDET applies real life application to the knowledge learned in the classroom. This allows you to begin your career with confidence . We take the responsibilty of giving you every chance possible to become a success in life.

We take regular programs offered anywhere in the world, but give them the "HIPDET Concentration Emphasis". For example, Accountancy is given as an associate degree, however Accountancy must be grouped with one of our "HIPDET Concentration Emphasis" in Latin America Economy with Spanish Language or Middle East Economy with Arabic Language. This is why we are one step ahead of the rest in postsecondary education. Come and discover for yourselves today.

We are making great strides at "HIPDET U". This year we received membership with one of the largest accreditation memberships in the USA. We are the FIRST West African University to achieve this honor. Our mission is to offer the best academic programs, while focusing on helping those students in our society who cannot afford to attend the University. Therefore, we have offered the 6 in 1 rule at "HIPDET U". For every six students who attend our university, then we offer one full scholarship to students who face socioeconomic hardships in Cameroon. Education is not a business, but a tool to improve society. Check out our membership at:


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