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A Computer Information Science at HIPDET University degree gives students both network and computing knowledge which is needed to design, develop, and assist information systems which helps to solve business problems and to support business problems and to support business operations and decision making at a managerial level also.  


From its inception just a half century ago, computing has become the defining technology of our age. Computers are integral to modern culture and are the primary engine behind much of the world’s economic growth. Moreover, the field continues to evolve at an astonishing pace, making computer science increasingly important with each passing day.  At HIPDET University our degrees will start you on a journey to a fullfillment in a career path that you will grow and expand during your whole lifetime. 

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Computer Engineering

Computer Science & Networks

Software Engineering

Hardware Maintenance

Network & Security 


Database Management 

If you are interested in any of our academic programs listed on this page, you can either click on the "register now" button or if you have further questions, please email us at info.cis@hipdetuniversity.com.